Our industries

Nimesis develops smart and innovative devices, which fits the needs of the industrials. Expert in shape memory alloys, this technology offers exceptional properties, allowing to reach high performances.



Space industry is characterized by its high requirements. It requires reliable, simple and economical technical solutions based on high-performance materials and processes, such as our catalog of intelligent actuators and mechanisms that we offer for this field.

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Our shape memory alloy products are an optimal solution for the aerospace industry, particularly in terms of weight savings, reliability and space requirements.

In an innovative approach, the integration of AMF components allows to improve the functionality of different devices and to develop new ones.



Faced with the requirements of the defense sector, our shape memory alloys are a real asset. The applications in this field are numerous: morphing elements, deployment devices, locking/unlocking, thermal safety or even separation of fairing. We also offer customized solutions on demand.



Nimesis offers a wide range of products and medical devices*, in small and large series, standard and custom-made.

Nimesis Technology’s biomedical range is mainly composed of three types of devices: braided stents, osteosynthesis staples and urological baskets.

* Nimesis Technology is a subcontractor of medical components and devices and is not a regulatory manufacturer. The products are biocompatible.




Nimesis conçoit des dispositifs sur-mesure pour d’autres secteurs industriels comme l’horlogerie, la bijouterie ou même le nucléaire.

Contactez nous sur info@nimesis.com si vous avez une idée à développer ou des besoins spécifiques. Notre équipe d’experts vous accompagnera de l’idée au à la concrétisation de votre projet.