Who we are

Nimesis Technology designs, develops and produces actuators, temperature safety mechanisms and smart devices for the industry.

Founded in 2008, Nimesis benefits from strong technical skills and a 30 years university experience in the field of shape memory alloys.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to support you in all aspects of your most challenging projects, from prototyping to large serie production, to feasibility study until digital optimization and whole mechanisms qualification.

We are leader in the field of smart space actuators and invested in other markets as biomedical, nuclear, aeronautic, automotiv industry or luxurious watchmaking. Thanks to our location in the French region “Grand Est” (not far from Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium), we benefit from a great technical and logistical environment.

Certified ISO, we guarantee the quality of our products and services, with the will to produce most of our alloys and devices in France.

nimesis technology about us
nimesis technology about us

Our human and material resources

12 co-workers at the service of innovation. Engineers, technicians, experts in material, rely on the sales force and the office staff, with an impressive cohesion and efficiency.

900 square meters dedicated to development, tests, prototyping and production.

Smelting furnace, continuous casting, wire drawing, rolling, heat treatment furnace, DSC, laser welding machine, testing machines for shocks and thermal and mechanical fatigue, torsion testing machine, machining, tribofinishing… and many others among our skills.

nimesis technology about us
nimesis technology about us
nimesis technology about us

Our quality policy

Biomedical or Space industries have specific requirements. Through our quality management system, certified conform to the European standard ISO13485 and soon EN9100, we guarantee a high and constant service quality.

Our space actuators totally meet the ECSS requirements.

We guarantee the traceability of our products, from development to production.

Quality and client satisfaction are our commitments.


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Nimesis Technology Certificat ISO13485

Project monitoring

Thanks to our expertise, we assist you at each stage of your most ambitious projects

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nimesis technology equipe

Fabienne MASLARD

Executive Assistant

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Florian FOUCHÉ

Technical Director

03 87 35 87 75

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Production Manager

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Industrial Technology Expert

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Mathilde LEVERD

R&D Engineer

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Peggy DYDA


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Fabienne SZALEK


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Business Development Engineer

03 87 64 07 80

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Charlotte THIRIOT